Passionate Flames

She cried for a reason which itself was a question mark… From nowhere came he running.. And his sight made her brust into tear-flood.. Her water drops made him restless, he paced to reach her.A sweat trickled down his spine.. She leapt forward and hugged him… He spread his chest as a barrier against all […]

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Flickering thoughts

This evening while sitting aimlessly in my very own sweet spot of the house…a doubt arouse in my mind ‘is nuisance really a nuisance ? ‘ It’s answer kept flickering in my brain from a yes to a no. I was not sure why I couldn’t reach out a conclusion. Is the idea of being […]

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Middle night break…

On my last night sleep …there i saw a my state of mind…the dream was connected to my dreamy girl …it was such an auspicious the visual treat the girl ….with her sparkling eyes and red lips….that blended to my aspects on my dreamy girl….but the dream started to fade away …my singularity […]

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We ,’lish/n/blues’ in this ,platform (WordPress) we would like to engage out blogging out something new… first of all… introduction is necessary..but here we are not revealing out much information…’reveal to be unrevealed’..indeed of it .. consciously we are starting as a beginner…and if you are explore a paradise of mist and mysteries […]

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